Washington won’t change your finances

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Like many of you, I could be found Tuesday watching election coverage.  I do not know why, but for some reason I usually get sucked into election coverage and watch a lot more than I should.  But while watching the coverage a few themes stuck out through the night.  They were improving the economy, creating jobs, changing your taxes, dealing with the deficit, etc. and like the 2008 election, centered on the theme of “change”.

Now this is not being written as anti-Democrat or anti-Republican, but, whoever is in charge, do not wait on Washington to change your finances!  If you do, you will be waiting a long time. Spending a lot of emotional energy on worrying about what they will or will not do is pointless; you really can not control it.  You do need to focus on the one thing you can control . . . YOU!  Focus on your economy by developing a plan, spending less than you make, getting rid of debt, and building wealth. 

Do get involved in the political process by voting, but remember the real obstacle to changing your finances is yourself.  The person who can change your finances the most is in your house, not the White House.

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