What The Simpsons can teach you about personal finance

Normally on Mondays, we have a new edition of the JW’s Financial Coaching Podcast out.  However, we were unexpectedly out-of-state this weekend and were not able to record a show.  Thursday we will be back into the swing of things with a new podcast on saving.  Until then, I thought I would share some clips of one of America’s favorite families: The Simpsons.  Believe it or not, but you can learn a lot about finances by watching the Simpsons over the years.  Below are a few of my favorite clips.

Skip ahead to the 1:39 mark and learn from Bart what happens when you do not pay your credit card bill and how to deal with collectors.

Lisa finds out what happens when you do not keep track of your expenses by doing a budget and instead make impulse purchases.

The Simpson kids find out that they do not have an emergency fund.

Finally, my favorite, Homer shows why you need quality health insurance.

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About Jon White

Giving people hope and seeing them win with their finances is something I have a strong passion for. Because of this passion I started JW’s Financial Coaching in the summer of 2010. Financial coaching has allowed me to combine my passions of finances, teaching, and helping others by helping people get on the right track financially. I'm interested in hearing your story so please do not hesitate to interact with me through social media.
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