Money makes you “more” of what you already are

Do you ever sit back and wish that you had a million dollars which would magically make all your money problems disappear?  If we are being honest we probably all have at one time or another.  Unfortunately, money does not work like that and having more money can reveal character traits, both good and bad.


For whatever reason, money has a certain kind of control that makes us a bigger whatever you are.  So if you are a giver and have lots money, then you will become a bigger giver.  If you are a saver, then having lots of money will make you save more and invest and grow your wealth.  On the other hand, if you are an out-of-control spender, you will spend it all away.  Or if you are a jerk, then more money will make you a bigger jerk.  The point is that having more money will not make your problems go away unless you have developed good financial habits first.

If your spending is out of control and you win the lottery, you are not going to stop spending.  Instead, you will probably spend all of it and end up right back where you are in a few years.  However, if you are a saver and giver and you inherit some money, then you will grow your wealth by saving and giving.  The key is to develop all three things that you do with money, spending, saving, and giving equally which will help you develop wealth the right way.

So the next time you are feeling frustrated with money and wish you had a million dollars to make everything go away, think again and instead develop good character traits that will lead to greater wealth over a long period of time.

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About Jon White

Giving people hope and seeing them win with their finances is something I have a strong passion for. Because of this passion I started JW’s Financial Coaching in the summer of 2010. Financial coaching has allowed me to combine my passions of finances, teaching, and helping others by helping people get on the right track financially. I'm interested in hearing your story so please do not hesitate to interact with me through social media.
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