What are you building wealth for?

Most of my blog posts and podcasts are about having a plan with your money and then getting out of debt. I do this mostly because a large majority of Americans are in debt and do not have a plan with their money. But I am not only about getting out of debt; I am also all about you buying the things you want and building wealth. But before you build wealth you need to first ask yourself what are you building it for.

Building wealth has a negative connotation in our culture today. To some it means that you are greedy and that you hoard all your money and oppress people. While some people are hoarders with their money and take saving money too far, that is by far the minority of most wealthy people and it does not have to be you. Remember money is amoral and can be used to do good in the world and create change.

So what are you building wealth for? Is it to change how your family lives for generations upon generations? Is it to change your local community for the better? Or is it to change the world? So don’t be afraid to build wealth. My main selling point when I work with clients is not to do these steps to become a millionaire. But if you do get out of debt, save money, have a long term view and plan with your money you will become very wealthy over time! But you must first know what you will do with that wealth before you get it.

So what are you planning on doing with your wealth?

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About Jon White

Giving people hope and seeing them win with their finances is something I have a strong passion for. Because of this passion I started JW’s Financial Coaching in the summer of 2010. Financial coaching has allowed me to combine my passions of finances, teaching, and helping others by helping people get on the right track financially. I'm interested in hearing your story so please do not hesitate to interact with me through social media.
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2 Responses to What are you building wealth for?

  1. donationcan says:

    I’m active duty military and in 2008 I had to reenlist to pay bills. I didn’t want to reenlist. I wanted to separate after 4 years and move home and attend college. I want to separate when I WANT to. Pardon my french but, I don’t want to be anyone’s b****. I’m very independent and I like being in charge of my life. Whether it’s the military or a dead end job, I vowed to never be controlled by a lack of funds again. I’ve been saving and paying off debt since Oct 2008 and I’m planning to separate in July 2012.

    • Jon White says:

      That is a great reason to get out of debt and build wealth! How many people in our world are controlled by money and have to work for money instead of having their money work for them?

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