Vlog: Take care of your family first

When it comes to personal finance, a lot of times we can get ourselves into trouble by not having the proper priorities. Our first goal is to take care of our family. In the Bible in I Timothy 5:8 it says that whoever does not take care of his family first is worse than an unbeliever. With Christmas right around the corner, we can think that taking care of our family is getting the biggest and best gifts available. But the #1 goal for us as parents and spouses is to take care of our family’s needs, not wants.

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1 Response to Vlog: Take care of your family first

  1. Jenny says:

    This is a great reminder Jon. Sometimes it’s easy to risk not meeting basic obligations in order to create the illusion of a Christmas full of wishes satisfied. Especially as children get older and have their peers to compare with.

    I also think it’s ok to wrap up needs for Christmas (new socks, needed clothes, shoes, etc.). We’ve always done this in the past and the kids are surprisingly excited to receive these items as gifts. Of course, we also replace these items throughout the year as needed.

    Then there is always the issue of Santa Claus as well. We love the magic that believing in Santa brings, so we’re not about to squash that in our children’s lives. Instead, we tell them that we have to pay Santa for the gifts he brings and if he brings too many, then other kids won’t get their gifts.

    That seems to click for my oldest and he seems happy to share the joy!

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