How To Take Your Finances To The Next Level In 2012

Every Wednesday in the month of January there will be a guest post dealing with setting goals for 2012. Today’s guest is Deacon Bradley. Deacon is doing some great stuff at his own blog and was a guest on the Debt Free Living Podcast. I highly recommended taking his Crush 2012 course which can be found at the bottom of the post. I went through it in December and it gave a good start on achieving what I want to in 2012, not just financially but in other areas of my life as well!

I’ve been shopping for a TV for a while now – years even. So long that my wife and I slipped into some sort of alternate universe where she’d try to convince me to go to Best Buy to buy a new TV and I’d resist.

We had a great new home with a huge living room, comfortable seating, and a 27” TV I bought at Costco when I graduated. There was nothing wrong with my TV, but if you showed up to watch the Super Bowl and spotted it you’d be racking your brain for excuses to ditch.

But who could fault a guy for sticking with the TV he could afford? Weather you’re rich or poor, everyone knows the road to wealth is paved with good decisions – not impulse purchases.

Not So Fast

That’s all very well and good, but there’s something you should know before you pat me on the back.

I could afford a new TV. Easily. In fact, there isn’t a feature on my dream-TV checklist I couldn’t get with a swipe of my debit-card.

Then WHY would I sacrifice season after season of football to an obsolete television? Why would I render my living room unfit for a football watch party?

My Big Goal

Taped to my bathroom mirror you’ll find a carefully crafted list of goals for the year. Each one in bold font and numbered one through ten.

Every day I read that list and I’m reminded of exactly what I’ve committed to accomplish this year.

Number 2: Complete the upstairs by removing extra clutter, painting, and purchasing guest beds.

That was a big one for us in 2011. It was something we decided to make our number 2 goal because we desperately wanted to finish “v1.0” of our new home. We were excited to be able to have out of town guests and we wanted our home to be relaxing instead of cluttered.

WHY, It Mattered

It was a big WHY for us – and that’s the key.

That WHY was so big that even with my wife’s blessing I couldn’t bring myself to purchase my dream-TV before I completed it.

This same pattern has played itself out yearly in my house for a while now: Big financial goals trump big wants – every time.

And it wasn’t about denying myself new luxuries and living a frugal lifestyle. Not at all. Sure, I wanted a new TV – badly! But not nearly as badly as I wanted to accomplish whatever bigger financial goal I had set for the year.


And therein lies the power to move gigantic mountains (financial or otherwise). I had a WHAT to focus my energy, and a WHY to keep me motivated. These two things combined will make you powerful!

I don’t care what your personal finance goals are, but you need to have them. Pick something that gets you energized. Pick something that just writing it down fires you up. Write it on your mirror. Read it every day.

The energy and focus created by well written goals is undeniably powerful. It will take your finances to the next level in 2012 – guaranteed.

Crush 2012

Most people don’t bother to set goals because they never quite work out. If you want to learn how to properly set and achieve BIG goals? Click here.

About Jon White

Giving people hope and seeing them win with their finances is something I have a strong passion for. Because of this passion I started JW’s Financial Coaching in the summer of 2010. Financial coaching has allowed me to combine my passions of finances, teaching, and helping others by helping people get on the right track financially. I'm interested in hearing your story so please do not hesitate to interact with me through social media.
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