Friday Financial Tidbit-Celebrating financial differences with your spouse

Last year around this time I did a podcast series on “Love and Money.” One of the shows focused on the differences between men and women. Usually we look at how our spouse views money differently from us and it just drives us nuts. But instead of letting it drive us crazy, let us use it as a reason to celebrate!

Having a spender in your marriage is important because they let you actually enjoy your money. Having a saver in your marriage will actually allow you to have some money saved for your future instead of it being blown by your spender.

Having a detailed person (or a nerd) in your marriage is good because it allows you to have a long term plan with your money and dig into the details. But having a free spirit allows you to think outside the spreadsheets.

Men, your wife’s view of money as a measurement of security is important, so listen to her so you do not gamble it all away. Women, your husband’s view of money as a scorecard is okay, as long as he works hard to improve the family’s long term financial outlook.

So the next time you are tempted to complain about how your spouse views money differently than you, celebrate their different viewpoint. It will help you get on the same page with your spouse and make you realize how both of you are important to your financial future.

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2 Responses to Friday Financial Tidbit-Celebrating financial differences with your spouse

  1. My husband and I are both nerds/savers so we don’t have the “balance”/arguments that some other couples do. But I do try to appreciate his different style of decision-making even though it drives me crazy sometimes. He’s much better at detailed research than I am but I usually want to make decisions and take action more quickly.

    • Jon White says:

      Emily, Lisa and I are similar, we do not get into arguments a lot about money, but we do have disagreements from time to time. We just had one on where to put some extra money we had in our budget. But we talked it over and came to a conclusion on what to do with it. I too like to make decisions quickly, but having Lisa take her time on decisions has saved me from making some really bad decisions. 🙂

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