Friday Financial Tidbit-Financial Literacy Month Videos

As most of you know, the month of April is National Financial Literacy Month. To help promote financial literacy on the web, I have partnered with other personal finance bloggers and coaches to create a daily 2 minute video each weekday in April about a variety of financial topics. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you know that I post these videos each day they are released, but I thought I would take the time to sum them up each week into one big post. So enjoy the videos, take something you learned from them, input them into your financial life, and see the difference that they make.

Financial Literacy Month 2012 Video of the day: April 9-Quick Questions about ROTH IRA

Philip Taylor from answers 10 questions about the the Roth IRA.

Financial Literacy Month 2012 Video of the day: April 10-Communication and money

Travis Pizel from Our Journey To Zero shares four ways to communicate about money in a relationship

Financial Literacy Month 2012 Video of the day: April 11-Emergency Reserves

José Figueroa from shares his thoughts on what an emergency is, how much to have in emergency savings, and how an emergency reserve is beneficial.

Financial Literacy Month 2012 Video of the day: April 12-Time value of clipping coupons

Jenny from discusses the value of coupons. What about you? Do you use coupons on a regular basis? Or are they too much effort?

Financial Literacy Month 2012 Video of the day: April 13-Saving for a vacation

Jackie Waltersfrom and her daughter share the proper way to save for a vacation. Pay with Cash, make it a part of your budget, make sure you can save up the money to pay for it, don’t bring your vacation home with you.

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