Traveling is nice, but spending time together is most important

Around the country, school is out for the summer so that can only mean one thing; vacation season is here! That means for most of us sometime this summer we will be packing up the family and traveling somewhere across the country. I am all for you taking some time off work and spending time with your family, but quite often we take vacations at the expense of our finances.

Vacations, especially ones with zeroes at the end of them, are a luxury. However, some people in our country view them as an entitlement for working hard and look at them as a way of life. The thing you have to remind yourself is that if you do not have the cash to pay for a vacation or if you are being handicapped financially by your debts, maybe you should not travel somewhere this year for vacation. Not that traveling is wrong mind you, but we have to remember that what matters most is not where we go but that we are having quality time together with the family. The memories you are creating will last longer than if you want to the beach or Disney World.

The problem is that often times we equate memories and having fun with spending a lot of money. That is simply not true. Some of the best times I remember having with my family were making popcorn and watching a movie together or playing baseball out in the backyard as a family. If you can make it work financially to travel to the beach this summer, then by all means go ahead and enjoy your time! But remember you are not bad parents if you have to postpone it for a few years while you get your financial mess straightened out.

Have you ever decided to skip a vacation and use the money somewhere else? If so, what were the results of your decision?

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2 Responses to Traveling is nice, but spending time together is most important

  1. Dan Black on Leadership says:

    Great thoughts here. I think taking an overnight trip can be a substitute to a yearly trip and could save a lot of money. Plus a lot of day trips could be full of free or cheap activities.

    • Jon White says:

      I agree Dan. Not that taking a week long trip is bad and in fact if you can for one in cash then I say go for it! But if you can’t that is ok, there are plenty of alternatives to spending quality time with your family.

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