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2 Responses to JW’s Financial Coaching Podcast

  1. Jared Buckley says:

    I found your podcast through listening to Steve Stewart’s on stitcher. I think they are great, and you are easy to listen to. In which podcast do you talk about HSA’s. That is one thing i want a lot more info on.
    Also, Dave Ramsey mentioned a couple of times that a young couple expeting a baby should go to hospitals and negotiate a good price to get the hospitals to compete for your buisness. Did you do that?


    • Jon White says:

      Hey thanks for being a new listener Jared and I’m glad you like the shows. The show were I talked about HSA’s was on 06/16/11 and can be found at http://wp.me/pUdBx-HT/ I also talked about them on the podcast where I discussed how to prepare financially during a pregnancy. http://wp.me/pUdBx-Pi Finally I wrote a blog post a while back on why I love my HSA http://wp.me/pUdBx-7k

      We didn’t negotiate with any hospitals because we found one we really liked. We did however offer to pre-pay for some of the services and we received a small discount that way. Again thanks for the comment Jared and if you have any other questions, please let me know and I’ll answer them on the show for you.

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