The Debt Free Living Podcast

The Debt Free Living Podcast-Where creditors need not apply was inspired by the Dave Ramsey Show’s Debt Free Friday calls and Justin Lukasavige’s “Your Story” Podcast. I started this show to highlight people’s incredible stories of shedding debt and more importantly their stories of life after debt and what they are able to do now that they do not have any payments. My hope is that these stories will inspire you to get out of debt and live the life that you want to!

Debt Free Living Podcast 024-Matthew and Tanya 07/19/12
Debt Free Living Podcast 023-Stephon Fuller 07/05/12
Debt Free Living Podcast 022-Tony Elam 06/07/12
Debt Free Living Podcast 021-Jackie Beck 05/24/12
Debt Free Living Podcast 020-Jose Figueroa 05/10/12
Debt Free Living Podcast 019-Angie Six 04/26/12
Debt Free Living Podcast 018-Crystal Stemberger 04/12/12
Debt Free Living Podcast 017 Brad Chaffee 03/08/12
Debt Free Living Podcast 016 Alex Humphrey 03/01/12
Debt Free Living Podcast 015-Jodi Schaap 02/23/12
Debt Free Living Episode 014-Rich and Jackie Walters 02/16/12
Debt Free Living Episode 013-Titus Moore 02/09/12
Debt Free Living Episode 012-Darrin Greene 02/02/12
Debt Free Living Episode 011-Josh Levitt 01/26/12
Debt Free Living Episode 010-Matt Wegner 01/19/12
Debt Free Living Episode 009-Audrey Russell 01/12/12
Debt Free Living Episode 008-Scott Maderer 01/05/12
Debt Free Living Episode 007-Jerrid Sebesta 12/15/11
Debt Free Living Episode 006 Todd and Megan Crispin 12/08/11
Debt Free Living Episode 005-Deacon Bradley 12/01/11
Debt Free Living Episode 004-Jenny McCutcheon 11/17/11
Debt Free Living Episode 003-Mike and Mandy Young 11/10/11
Debt Free Living Episode 002-Justin Lukasavige 11/3/11
Debt Free Living Episode 001-Intro 10/27/11

To become a guest on the show please contact me and we can set up a time to record your debt free living story. The only rule to be on the show is that you are debt free besides the mortgage.

You can subscribe to the Debt Free Living Podcast through FeedburnerStitcher, or iTunes. The podcast can be found in iTunes under the JW’s Financial Coaching podcast. If you subscribe you will receive both the JW’s Financial Coaching podcast on Mondays and the Debt Free Living Podcast on Thursdays.

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If you have been listening to the podcast for a while please consider taking a five minute survey on the podcast. Your feedback is appreciated and will help make the podcast better.

You may also listen to the podcast on the JW’s Financial Coaching Facebook Fan page. In addition you can also get archives of the JW’s Financial Coaching Podcast

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