The Major Components of a Healthy Financial Plan eBook

Often I am asked what are the “major” things that need to be a part of a financial plan.   Because of this I wrote the eBook The Major Components of a Healthy Financial Plan. Included in this 19 page pdf document are the different things I recommend that you do financially including a budget, a plan to pay down your debt, save for emergencies, plan for your future, how to give, teaching your children about money, in addition to the types of insurances I recommend you carrying. Also in the books are action steps and tips for each one of the major components in addition to an action plan at the end of the book for you to keep track of your progress.

This book may be purchased for $2.99 and is available by clicking on the buy now button at the bottom on the screen. For those who buy the book in the month of August I am including a special bonus. Those who purchase the book in August are eligible to receive $25 off any of my coaching packages including the Two Hour Financial Checkup, the “You just graduated from college . . . now what?” Coaching Package, or the three or six month coaching packages. So if you are interested in getting one-on-one coaching from myself this is a great way to get some of the basics down in addition to getting a discount.

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